As a business owner, your time is valuable. You have better things to do than payroll, so let us do it for you. We’ll get all the paperwork out of your way so you can get back to doing what you do best: Running your business.

At BTA Payroll, we specialize in serving the needs of small businesses. We offer a combination of low prices, high flexibility, and a wide variety of services that larger firms just can’t match.

PAYROLL TIP: Separate Payroll Checking Account

We recommend that businesses open a separate checking account just for payroll. Keeping your payroll funds separate from your main account will prevent you from accidentally spending money designated for tax payments and paychecks. This will make it easier for you to see just how much you do have available to spend. We’ll even tell you how much you need to transfer to the payroll account each pay period.

Some payroll providers will offer to hold your payroll money themselves, and will gladly keep any interest it earns. We think you’re better off opening the account yourself, because that keeps you in control. You’ll know exactly where the money is going, and you get to keep any interest.

Our payroll service is customizable to give you exactly the features you need. If all you need is someone to calculate and file your payroll taxes, we can do that and leave paying your employees up to you. If you hate paperwork and want to avoid as much of it as possible, we can manage your entire payroll so all you have to do is call in the hours worked by each employee and hand out the checks each pay period. The choice is yours, and we won’t try to sell you on extra services that you don’t really need. We want you to have the payroll solution that’s best for your business, because we believe that our success depends on your success.

Our fees are among the lowest in the region, especially if you own a small business or single-owner corporations. We offer a free half-hour consultation and price comparison quote, so call us to find out how we can save you money. Just fax or email us a copy of your last invoice from your current payroll service, we’ll provide you with a fair price comparison for the services listed on the invoice. We will even give you a free letter opener.

Our services include:

  • Payroll Entry – Call, fax, or email your employees’ hours. We will print paychecks and a register report that you can pick up in our office or have mailed to your location.
  • Tax Deposits – We calculate your tax liabilities and make the necessary deposits by check or electronic withdrawal. Everything is paid directly from your business or payroll checking account to the appropriate tax collection agency, and all payments appear on your bank statement. We never hold on to your money.
  • Quarterly and Annual Returns – We can prepare your federal and state payroll tax, withholding, and unemployment returns. We can also file and pay all required payroll forms on your behalf, if you choose. This requires a signature stamp, which we can have made for you. Copies of all returns are provided, along with a summary sheet that shows you at a glance which forms are being filed, their payment amounts, and their due dates.
  • Employee Deductions – If one or more of your employees has a deduction from their pay such as a medical or 401k plan, child support payments, or wage garnishment, we can deduct that amount each week and issue payment checks to the appropriate agencies.
  • Budget Management – We can pay your payroll taxes on a monthly, weekly, or semi-weekly basis to help you budget for large liabilities. We can also help you budget for other large bills such as insurance, personal tax, or sales tax if you’re using a separate payroll account. (See “Payroll Tip” box above) The amount needed to cover these other bills would be added to your payroll deposit each pay period, ensuring that you have the necessary funds available in that account before the due date.

Temporary Employment Service – When you hire an employee and would like a chance to evaluate their performance, you may be interested in our Temp Service. We will hire this employee and you will contract that employee from us. When you feel this employee will be an asset to your business, you can transfer this employee to your payroll. The benefit to you is that you do not have to fire them if they don’t work out, or have your unemployment rate go up. Another use for this service is if you don’t do payroll, but need a worker on a temporary basis for a day, a week or more, call us. You will not have to purchase a work comp insurance policy as your worker is on our payroll. We bill you for the wages, all payroll taxes and insurance. You contract with us to supply all your payroll needs and you get to pick the worker.

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