Income Tax

Boerman Tax Accounting can prepare your personal, farm, partnership, and Corporation income tax returns. We offer free e-filing, direct deposit of refunds, and all returns are filed in a timely manner. No extensions should be needed if we receive all of the necessary information at least 20 days before the due date.

Please call for an appointment, and have your W-2 forms and other information ready when you arrive. We can mail you a list of needed documents if you’re not sure of what to bring.

When your return is completed, you will receive a letter stating that it is available for pickup at our office. This letter will also list the amount of our fee and your refund or balance due. If you choose to e-file, we will also send the e-file authorization forms for you to sign. Please bring in these authorization forms and payment for our fee with you when you pick up your return. You can mail us the authorization forms and your payment and we will then e-file your tax return and mail your tax return copies to you.

If you own a business, you may be able to save money on your taxes by incorporating. We can examine your current business structure, and help you determine whether a properly-organized corporation may be right for you. Please see our article on corporations for more information.